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Rheem 4-ton Gas Furnace Reviews

The most affordable choice is the Rheem 4-ton gas furnace. This model has both single-stage furnaces with constant torque blowers and two-stage furnaces with variable speeds that have AFUEs between 93 and 96 percent.

Some Rheem 4 ton gas furnaces can be ENERGY STAR certified, which means they use less energy, are smarter, and cost less than the Elite models. The warranty on the heat exchanger is only good for 20 years.

They also have tightly sealed blower compartments to keep air from leaking out, secondary heat exchangers to keep heat from escaping, and Rheem heat exchangers to keep heat from escaping. All of them can also use both gas and oil, so you can use an electric heat pump with them to save even more money and energy.

Some models of Rheem gas furnaces can work with smart thermostats, which can give you extra functions and features that the furnace alone can’t. All of the gas furnaces in this series are made with parts and materials that will last for a long time. They also come with good warranties, so you can be sure that if something goes wrong, your investment will be safe.

About Rheem Gas Furnace

In our list of the best furnaces of 2022, the Rheem gas furnace is tied for fifth place. Even though Rheem Manufacturing Company started out making water heating systems in 1925, in the 1950s it started making air conditioning and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems as well. The Paloma Group, which also makes Ruud HVAC systems, owns Rheem now.

Rheem also makes water heaters, heaters for pools and spas, water softeners, and products for commercial refrigeration. Rheem is one of the biggest companies in North America that makes heating products.

Rheem 4-ton Gas Furnace Features

Rheem has a wide range of furnaces, with 15 gas furnaces and 2 oil furnaces. Both oil furnaces have AFUE ratings of 86.5 percent and 85.9 percent, which are much higher than the standard of 80 percent. With a maximum AFUE of 98 percent, the gas furnaces do fine. All models have Rheem’s own PlusOne Ignition System, and some units are EcoNet-enabled so you can control your furnace with your voice or an app.

Furnaces made by Rheem have:

  1. Maximum energy savings on most models
  2. Direct spark ignition that works well
  3. Premium models that work with the EcoNet system
  4. Options for gas and oil

How much does it cost to run a Rheem 4-ton gas furnace?

Rheem doesn’t list prices because the final price depends on a lot of things, like installation fees, any ductwork that needs to be done, local taxes, and other costs. But you can also expect to pay more for products from the Signature series. The least expensive units are those in the Merit series.

Reviewers say that, in general, Rheem is one of the cheaper brands on the market. The company sometimes has sales on its products, and many of them qualify for tax credits at the federal and local level. Ask your local HVAC contractor about special deals and rebates. The dealer near you can also help you get financing.


With newer furnaces that work better, maintenance is more important than ever. Keeping your filters clean and replacing them every three months will keep your Rheem 4 ton gas furnace’s motor running well and save you money on your ongoing energy and maintenance costs. Remember to schedule a licensed contractor to do some maintenance at the end of the summer. To keep your Rheem 4 ton gas furnace running well, they will vacuum the burners, take out the blower and clean it, and clean the pilot light and flame sensor.