Best Gas Furnace – The Ultimate Buying Guide

When you are looking for the best gas furnace, there are many factors to consider before you run out and make a purchase. The factors in deciding the best gas furnace should be based on your heating needs, reviews, and your price. Considering these three things will help you make a purchase that you will be completely satisfied with.

Best Gas Furnace - The Ultimate Buying Guide

Space is the first thing you need to determine before you go out looking for the best gas furnace. In order to determine which gas furnace is the right for you, it is important to know what kind of space requirements you have. Measure the area you plan on installing the gas furnace. If you are limited in space, then you will have to purchase a smaller unit to fit. If you have your heart set on a Trane gas furnace that is too big, then you may need to change the location you are planning to install the other gas furnace brands.

If you are shopping online or in a store, you can use the measurements to be sure the furnace will fit in the area. You might want to shop in a store in person so you can use a tape measure to physically measure the unit to be sure it will fit at home.

Heating needs is another factor many people don’t consider. If you plan on heating an entire home with the gas furnace then it is important to have the unit centrally located in your home. Don’t think you can install a Ruud gas furnace on the far east side of the home and it will provide sufficient heat for all of the rooms.

You might think a Ruud furnace brand is the best but if it is not strategically located then it won’t work. Some rooms will get too hot to sit in if you turn the heater up high enough to get the entire house. If you only need to heat one room, it might be a good idea to look at space heaters. More important is to look at units based on their output and capabilities. Never assume a unit will meet your heating requirements without researching and planning first.

Budget and gas furnace prices are another factor. If you plan on installing the furnace yourself then you will need to purchase more than just the furnace. If it is a standing unit, it cannot be placed on carpet.

There will be cost for the duct installation of a brick base, wall plate, and more in addition to the unit itself. You can hire an HVAC company to perform the installation for you, which can save on cost. This is also the safer alternative if you are unsure about your capabilities of installing the unit. Make a list of everything you need for the installation. This will help you eliminate any surprises with the cost of installation.

10 Best Gas Furnace Brands

There are many companies available in the brands that produce high quality furnace and it is difficult to find the finest one among them. Moreover we have to consider various elements before buying a furnace like proper AFUE rating, two stage valves, warranty, programmable thermostat, sealed combustion, life expectancy and more because repairing or replacing a furnace will be much expensive.

We have framed the list of top 10 best furnace brands 2021 in the following section that will be helpful for you in making choice.

10 # Heil

The Heil is one of the leading manufacturers of heating and cooling products. You can get high efficiency heat pumps, air conditioners and gas furnaces from Heil. They are offering two stage systems that will operate at low heat and automatically modules to high heat when the temperature drops. In order to improve the air quality it runs the efficient fan continuously. During cooling operation the variable speed motor will maximize the moisture removal.

9 # Goodman

The Goodman was founded by Harlod Goodman who was a former air conditioning contractor. Their products are made according the principles of its founder. Their goal was to manufacture heating and air conditioning equipments that offer long lasting performance, greater reliability, make cooling and heating as affordable as possible. Today they became one of the largest producers of commercial air conditioning, residential, heating and indoor air quality products. You can get plenty of features from this product when compare to other ones.

8 # Armstrong Air

If you are looking for the efficient furnace that delivers amazing performance then Armstrong Air can be a great choice. It was founded in the year 1928 by Lennox Company in Ohio. For nearly a century they are offering high quality products for their customer by keeping customer satisfaction as their primary motive. They have their assembling unit in United States under the name of Allied Air. Their manufacturing processes are environment friendly and they do not include any volatile organic compounds in painting or lubrication process.

7 # Trane

The Trane is one among the best gas furnace brands in the world that offer quality and efficient furnaces to keep your home warmer during winter. You can get various features like proficient performance, automatic charging and configuaration, variable speed motors for the consistent flow of air, advanced air filtration to remove dust, pollen and other irritants for cleaner as well as more comfortable home.

6 # Ruud

The Ruud have been in the market for more than 100 years and it was started by a mechanical engineer named Edwin Ruud who came to America and developed the first automatic water heater. They attained huge success after the introduction of heating and air conditioning equipment in the year 1950. Since then they have grown as one of the largest manufacturers of cooling, heating and water heating products of North America. In shorter period of time they expanded their product lines with better manufacturing technologies.

5 # Amana

Since 1934 the Amana is involved in providing various essential products for their customer and they introduced the innovative product that became indispensable for commercial establishments that is the walk-in beverage cooler. For that specific product they received the award of Excellence for supplying the military with its walk-in coolers during World War II. You can get various products like air conditioner, heat pumps, gas furnace, air handlers, coils, energy calculator and more.

4 # Comfortmaker

The Comfortmaker is one of the best furnace brands in 2015 which is offering quality products for their customer by having customer satisfaction as their major motive. It is equipped with variable speed motors that will help to adjust the consistency of air flow. They are manufacturing and selling heating and cooling products all around the world in different countries. Other than furnace they are also offering various other innovative products at affordable price.

3 # Maytag

The Maytag is another leading company in the world which considers the feedback of their customer before designing a product. They are providing furnaces with many benefits that make them as a dependable heating choice for your home. The gas furnace can be paired with heat pump system to help the users in saving money on utilities throughout the year. The SmartStart technology is the main attractive feature of Maytag that allows the furnace to learn the startup characteristics of specific units which also help in extending the ignitor life.

2 # Frigidaire

The highly efficient and comfort furnaces from Frigidaire is easy to install and also comes with various important features like energy saving, built with insulated cabinets for quiet operation, two-stage valves, variable speed technology, dual fuel, adjustable heat level and more when compared to other ones. All these factors made it as one of the best gas furnace brands in the world which also provides longer life expectancy without any issues.

1 # Olsen

The Olsen is a family owned heating and air conditioning company which was founded in the year 1956. They are evolved in providing design, installation, service and repair to commercial as well as residential customers in various countries. The gas furnaces from Olsen helps you to save half of the operating expenses thus it can be great choice for your house to keep you warm during winter. It is also equipped with two stage valve that control the fuel flow and adjust the temperature. To protect from carbon monoxide it is featured with sealed combustion.

Choosing the best gas furnace requires you to consider your needs for a heating solution, the space you have available in your home, and the amount of money you have to spend. These factors can help you make the best choice.

Gas Furnace Buying Guides

To help you determine which unit is the right option for you, it’s a good idea to take some research in gas furnace reviews. It is always important to compare many different gas furnace manufacturers before you purchase a unit. This will ensure you avoid any mistakes purchasing the wrong unit.

Gas furnace reviews allow you to get a good idea on how well the units produce heat. The review ratings will provide you an idea which furnace is rated the best and more energy efficient. It is a good way to get an understanding of how furnaces work, the service you will receive, and if the gas furnace cost is really worth it. Ratings allow you to compare your needs against the furnaces to find one that is right for you.

Products that have the ENERGY STAR® logo have higher efficiency ratings than standard models. They prevent greenhouse gas emissions by meeting strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). For more information, visit

Without researching, you might purchase a furnace that provides nothing what you need. This could be a big mistake and cost you a lot of money. If you go through an entire installation to find the furnace you purchased is not what you wanted, it can cost too much money to return it and be extremely frustrating.

You should always compare multiple gas furnaces, but you should also read reviews written by actual customers who have purchased and used the units. If a customer was not satisfied with a furnace, they will express why. If there is an abundance of negative reviews on the same unit then you will know that you shouldn’t purchase it. If you see most customers are happy with a furnace that looks right for you, it just might be the best gas furnace you ever wanted.

Reading gas furnace reviews is the most easy way to research different furnace brands and compare them against one another. When you see customers are happy, you can be sure you aren’t about to purchase a furnace with constant issues and breakdowns.

When going through gas furnace ratings, it is also important to consider the type of service you will receive when you purchase one. Are you going to need to make calls in setting up the unit or will the installation be easy? Some people like to call a support number prior to making a purchase to see if the company provides proper support and to ensure they speak English.

There is nothing more frustrating for many people to purchase a product and not to be able to receive proper support. You also need to be sure there is a warranty to provide parts and labor if the furnace should break. Gas furnace reviews will rate the support so you have a clear understanding on what to expect and what type of support you will receive.

It is never advised to purchase a home heating unit system without reading review from expert. Look for people who have actually purchased the units and see what they have to say. No one wants to buy a poor product and without proper research that is exactly what happens.

Reviews help you understand if the gas furnace cost is really worth the purchase and helps you understand if a particular unit will meet your needs. Researching through ratings and reviews is very smart and will ensure a furnace will be right for you.

Gas Furnace Prices

You can go about finding the best gas furnace prices many ways. These ways include looking online, comparing prices, and looking for used units. If your budget is an issue and you need a new heat source, you can find a furnace at a great price without paying more than you should.

The web is one of the best places you can find gas furnace price list. Most hardware stores and outlets where you can purchase furnaces have websites. You can search through different makes and models and find out natural gas furnace on these sites. You can also search through manufacturer websites if you know a make and model you would like to learn more about.

Purchasing directly from a manufacturer on the web will give you a price closer to wholesale. You can compare the prices from a manufacturer and hardware store sites and see a significant difference in price. Paying wholesale for a furnace is much cheaper than paying full price.

One thing to keep in mind, if you have an option to have a unit shipped directly to the store for pick up it is cheaper to do this than it is to pay for shipping. People like to look for natural gas furnace on the web because it is more convenient than physically going to the stores.

Another way you can find the best gas furnace price is by comparison shopping. Things to consider when you do a price comparison include different stores, features, support, warranty, reviews, and if the furnace meets your needs as a heat source. It is best when doing a price comparison to narrow your search down to about 6-8 different gas furnace models.

This will make comparing the price easy. If they are all priced relatively the same, choosing which one will not be hard to do. One of the most important things to consider is that the most expensive furnace is not always the best one for you. Some manufacturers price their furnaces high because they are branded and have a well known name. You may find a furnace with exactly the same functionality and features at half the price because it is an off brand.

You can also find the cheap gas furnace by looking for used models. If you are on a tight budget and you cannot afford to buy a new unit, you can find used furnaces for sale. Look in your local classified ads and see if people are selling a used furnace that will fit in your home. You can save hundreds of dollars purchasing a like-new furnace from someone through the classifieds. There are also classified ads on the web you can search through also.


Finding an HVAC system for your home is simple to do and can be done in many ways. You’ll find that all gas furnace brands have a lot of models to fit all budgets. I always recommend that you pick the best gas furnace you can afford. To get a best gas furnace price and professional installation, I advise that you request multiple quotes from at least 3 different HVAC dealers.