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Rheem 4-ton Gas Furnace Reviews

The most affordable choice is the Rheem 4-ton gas furnace. This model has both single-stage furnaces with constant torque blowers and two-stage furnaces with variable speeds that have AFUEs between 93 and 96 percent. Some Rheem 4 ton gas furnaces…

70000 BTU Gas Furnace

There are many different charts that show the size of a furnace. These charts show how the square footage of a home relates to the number of BTUs it takes to heat it. A 2,400-square-foot house needs a 70000 BTU…

High Efficiency Gas Furnace Benefits

There are many benefits of using a high efficiency gas furnace. These benefits include saving money, using less gas, and saving on space. Many people don’t understand the savings of a high efficiency gas furnace when they go shopping for…